About Mari Tautimes

Entrepreneur • Speaker • Coach • Author

Mari Tautimes brings her 20+ years of entrepreneurial leadership to coach, train, and inspire today’s business leaders of all ages, experience-levels, and industries. She is that rare female business leader who shatters the confines of “business” as we know it by revealing our own humanity through simple yet vulnerable writing, speaking, and entrepreneurial training, unapologetically from a woman’s perspective.

Having learned from the likes of Tony Robbins and Keith Cunningham, Mari is driven to inspire and motivate others to fulfill their potential and achieve their goals. She is a world-class speaker, trainer, EOS Implementer®, and mentor, sharing her story of perseverance and success to help others create and pursue their most fulfilling lives.

Mari Tautimes speaking

Mari’s path was not a simple one. From the very beginning, she faced trials and hardship, overcoming physical and emotional abuse, along with the difficulties of becoming a mother at the young age of 15.

Through persistence, fierce focus, and self-education, Mari rose from Administrative Assistant to CEO of her family’s businesses, ultimately selling it for $16 million. Today, Mari is a master speaker, trainer, coach, author, devoted wife, and loving mother to four residing in Phoenix, AZ. In short, she is a powerhouse of success.

Mari’s greatest passion is in helping others dream big, craft their vision, and connect with the strategic actions that drive success.

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