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7 Simple (not easy) Steps to Create a Life You Love

The purpose of the #KeepGoing Workshop is to help millions of people become raving fans of their own lives by helping them start to envision, plan, and execute their ultimate lives. We’ll do this through a 4-week training program with ongoing monthly support, quarterly planning resets, and an annual year end in-person/virtual session to celebrate the year’s accomplishments together and reset for the upcoming year. Each year, Mari hosts 6-9 groups.

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Curious how the program works? Let’s break it down with some FAQs:


It’s 100% free. Because everyone should know how to do this.


Online training with occasional in-person sessions offered. The pre-work is sent out 1 week prior and then we review the work done in our group session that lasts 90 minutes the following week.

Is This Individual or Group Coaching?

This is a group training. Each group will be assigned to a kickass team during your first session and will work together each week and quarter. There is no 1:1 coaching in this program. (Psst – if you’re interested in 1-1 coaching, Mari has a few folks she recommends. You can find those coaches by reaching out here >.

What’s The Weekly Breakdown?

The workshop follows the 7-Step program outlined in the book over 4 weeks which is as follows below angle-down.

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Week 1: The End & Ultimate Life Meditation

It’s hard to know what matters most and how to create a short-term plan if we don’t know what our ultimate vision for our life is. Through these exercises, we help people get clear about what they want to be able to say about their lives at the end of it and get in touch with their ultimate vision which could be 10 or even 30 years out.

Week 2: The Dream

Here we consider our ultimate life and back it into a picture of what we think we can accomplish in the next 2-3 years…whatever resonates the most. We map it out in a program called coggle.it/ to mind map out the various areas of our life to get even clearer about what we might be able to achieve in a shorter-term period on our way to our ultimate life.

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Week 3: The Vision

At this stage, we’re ready to start backing that dream into a real and actionable vision over the next 12 months. We’ll pick a few things from that Dream to work on over the next 12 months and set our goals S.M.A.R.T.

Week 4: Rocks, Scoreboard & Lists

Now that we’re clear what we want to accomplish in the next year, we’re going to sort out what we think we can realistically get done in the next 90 days. From there, we’ll assess a few measurables we want to track on a daily/weekly basis to keep us on track and we’ll also talk through how we stay focused through the quarter using lists.

Is There Support Available After The Four Weeks?

Absolutely! You can look forward to the following after you’ve graduated from your four-week program:

All Skate Sessions:

We’ll host a monthly All Skate (anyone who has been through the program) meeting for everyone to attend to learn together, process issues and keep everyone connected and on track.

Quarterly All Skate Sessions:

This session is specifically about re-setting the quarter together. Each team will come back together with their original group.

Annual All Skate Celebration & Reset:

This is a virtual/in-person session that we can all come together to celebrate our previous year and reset for the upcoming year. This will be the 2nd weekend of December every year so that everyone can go into their New Year with an actual plan instead of useless New Year’s Resolutions. What a way to ring in the New Year!!

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